All proceeds go directly towards caring for the bunnies in our rescue (such as food, toys, veterinary care, etc).

Virtual tour of the Hare BNB Rescue, Spa, & Boutique (Boutique part)

Boutique Items

Bunny Supplies

Ceramic Bowls

Variety of options, made per request.

Donation Fee: $35

Handmade Fleece Blanket

Made to order. Available in a variety of sizes and colors/patterns.

Donation Fee: $18

Handmade Bunny Bed

Made of pine wood and includes flannel mattress that comes in a variety of colors/patterns.

Donation Fee: $55

Handmade Flop Bed

Fleece bed with pillows attached on both sides for added comfort. Available in a variety of colors .

Donation Fee: $25


Wooden Sign

"Just Thump It"

"No Bunny Left Behind"

"Caution: Binky Zone"

"Bunny Squad"

"Bunny Flop House"

"In Case of Emergency Somebody Call 9-Bun-Bun"

Option between lop or straight eared bunny. Color options are black, red, or teal.

Donation Fee: $15

Bird House

Hand painted bird house. Each one is one of a kind.

Donation Fee: $35

Treat/Toy Bundle

Cardboard toy, mason jar lids, and 2oz of dehydrated carrots.

Donation Fee: $10

Miscellaneous Items

UPDATED Jan 22, 2022

Just restocked the Boutique!

New and exciting things are in!

12 inch welcome wood signs!! $25

6x6 glass frames $10

8x8 glass frames $15

More signs will be coming in. Hopefully more in the next couple weeks!

If you want a custom welcome sign it's $25 base cost. $5-15 extra depending on design and materials used. Message me if you have an idea you want brought to life!!