Foster Program


Fostering a rescued rabbit is a great way to save a life. If you are not able to make a lifetime commitment to a rabbit at this time, then fostering may be a good for you.

Foster homes are needed for those rabbits not yet ready for adoption or when space is not currently available. Newly received rabbits may need some medical treatment before becoming available or more socialization.

Additionally, we sometimes have rabbits who need a break from The Hare BnB rescue. These rabbits can become depressed, frustrated, or angry and aggressive when they have to wait so long for a home. Getting these bunnies into a foster home for a period of time can give them the one-on-one time and attention they deserve and help to turn their outlook into a positive one.

Foster parents work directly with The Hare BnB regarding all aspects of their foster rabbit's care. We will occasionally allow a foster home to adopt their own foster rabbit but this is discouraged after one or two instances, as it creates an overload on the foster home and reduces our ability to take in rabbits needing to be saved.

Volunteers with rabbit experience are preferred, but we can train novices. We do expect our foster homes to follow our direction in the care of the rabbit(s), especially with regard to housing, food, and exercise time. Foster homes must agree to bring their rabbit to The Hare BnB for adoption appointments. Foster homes must also be able to transport their foster rabbits to vet appointments upon request.

We also have a need for Sanctuary homes. These are foster homes that keep the rabbit for its lifetime. The rabbit remains with The Hare BnB but lives with the volunteer for the remainder of its lifetime. Many sanctuary homes fall in love with their sanctuary fosters and end up adopting them, but this is not at all expected. We also need sanctuary homes that can care for special needs (disabled) rabbits.

*** Any rabbit taken in by a foster home without prior permission of The Hare BnB becomes the personal property of that individual. The Hare BnB will not accept responsibility for that rabbit and will not cover any costs or medical treatment for the rabbit.