Adoptable Bunnies

Our Adoption Policy:

Please note we only adopt to indoor homes, and all adopters must be 18+ years old. We also require a spay/neuter agreement to be signed if a rabbit is adopted out intact (usually due to being too young for surgery.) Prior to being approved for adoption, photo proof of enclosures are required. These bunnies are looking for their forever home, and we reserve the right to deny any application should we believe the applicant is not a good fit for the bunny.

Please understand that we are fostering homeless and previously unwanted rabbits. The majority of our rabbits come from shelters when there was no more room, or the rabbit had a behavioral or health problem and was going to be euthanized if not taken in by a rescue. We are truly their last hope. The adoption process may seem a bit time-consuming but we are making every effort to ensure our rabbits are adopted into the "right" home for them and that you, and the rabbit, are happy with this adoption. All we ask is that you take your time to make an informed adoption decision, and that once you adopt you love and care for your new rabbit companion in a manner that will support their life expectancy of 8 to 12 years. Thank you for understanding our level of commitment to our foster rabbits.

Adoption Fees: $50 for single bunny, $65 for pair.

We very much appreciate any donations we receive as our adoption fees only help to cover a portion of our spay/neuter surgeries, and cost of care.

Needing assistance rehoming your bunny or found a stray rabbit?

Please contact us today 509-906-1480