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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a preventative program for domestic bunnies. We are focused on providing a safe haven for bunnies that are in need of re-homing to help prevent bunnies from being dumped or exploited. We provide education on proper bunny care as well as additional services to care for the well being of bunnies. We aim to prevent the overpopulation of homeless bunnies through spaying and neutering.

Photo of Patricia's personal rabbits,

Georgee May and Dawson.

Welcome to The Hare BnB Rescue, Spa, and Boutique!

Hare BnB was first founded in 2020 by Patricia Lee-Jenkins. Patricia started fostering bunnies for a few of our local animal shelters and soon realized that there is a huge shortage of safe havens for rabbits, and an over abundance of rabbits in need of help. This is when Patricia had the idea to help rescue rabbits, and be a part of their journey to find their forever homes... And why not start right in the beginning of a pandemic? Being an experienced bunny owner herself, she knew this wouldn't be easy but was going to be well worth every drop of energy. Patricia then started using her talents as a self-taught groomer to help support and fund the bunnies in her care. Patricia gives her whole heart to every bunny that comes in her pathway. She focuses on helping to prevent bunnies from needing to be re-homed through education, and helping decrease the homeless bunny population by assisting with spay and neutering.

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